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Press Release

Mr. Zhijun Luo’s Investigation and Survey in Changzhou, Emphasized Rhythm of “China Manufacturing from 2015 to 2025”


Recently, Mr. Zhijun Luo, Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee visited Wujin High-tech Zone and West Tai Lake Science & Technology Industrial Park for an investigation and survey. In the afternoon of May 21th, 2015, he visited Trauson, accompanied by Municipal Party Secretary Mr. Yan Li and Mayor of Changzhou Mr. Gaoyun Fei. 

Dr. Aiguo Wang, General Manager of Trauson, showed Mr. Luo and all the other government leaders around Trauson during this visit and made a detailed introduction of Trauson for them. As a manufacturer of trauma and spine products, Trauson (China) Medical Instrument Company was acquired by Stryker in 2013 and its management has been transferred to be an international and professional team. Meanwhile, Trauson is striving to enter the fast- growing joint market, and Trauson’s international revenue increased by nearly two times. “This kind of mergers and acquisitions plays a key role in improving enterprise’s competitiveness, especially the innovation ability. I do appreciate it.” Mr. Zhijun Luo encouraged enterprises to participate in a wider range of international competition through technology research & development and merger & reorganization, in the hope of achieving global expansion in the value segment of the medical industry.

After the investigation and research, Mr. Luo pointed out that by     standing in the critical moment of transformation and upgrading, Changzhou has to grasp the rhythm of “China Manufacturing from 2015 to 2025”, insist on the principle of enterprise as the main body while the market as the guidance, strictly rely on scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the equipment manufacturing industry and strategic emerging industries, and realize a new breakthrough during this critical point of transformation and upgrading.

Meanwhile, he emphasizes that Changzhou, as an important city in South Jiangsu Area, has to confirm own faith to solve all the problems and implement the policies & measures for the enterprises and projects while promoting the transformation and upgrading as a fundamental solution to realize upgrade through development and development through upgrade. Also, it should make efforts to speed up the economic development with the current better trend.