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Press Release

The CZFDA Education Training at Trauson


In 2016, Changzhou Food and Drug Administration (CZFDA) and Trauson jointly developed the CZFDA Education Training Center, a site providing quality and regulatory training to CZFDA officials in Changzhou City, China. The first training session took place in November 3rd for 25 health authority officials. Xiaojie Shen, Deputy Director of CZFDA, Ying Zhu, Director of the Medical Device division of CZFDA , Yu Cheng, Jun Zhao, Deputy Director of the Medical Device division of CZFDA, and Anny Fan, Trauson Sr. Director, Clinical, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, on behalf of Trauson CEO, Dr. Aiguo Wang, attended the opening Ceremony.


In her opening speech, Ms. Xiaojie Shen, Deputy Director of CZFDA, extended sincere thanks to all support from Trasuon. She also called Trauson a pioneering enterprise in the Chinese orthopedic industry with its high standard of quality control and said Trauson has laid a solid foundation for the future success of the training program. She encouraged all trainees to make full use of this chance by keeping learning from Trauson employees so to achieve a further understanding about the practical use of regulation and also to improve their supervisory abilities.


Before this session, Trasuon had also worked with JSFDA two times in offering an on-site regulatory and quality training to JSFDA officials. Anny Fan, Trauson Sr. Director, Clinical, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, reaffirmed that Trauson, as one of the leading orthopedic manufacturers in China, after its acquisition by Stryker, has been committed to the Quality-First Policy through its continuous improvement in quality management and in its quick response to the fast changes of domestic and international regulations. Trauson is expected to introduce and share its experience with all supervisory officials, so as to assist the medical device industry improving its quality management and keeping the conformity with CFDA regulations.


By integrating theory with practice, the two-day training offered a set of functional courses including risk management, raw material control, ERP and software validation, design development and change control, etc. At the end of this session, many CZFDA officials said Stryker’s Quality First Policy was very inspiring as during the training, they have noticed that Trauson employees are driven by this policy with the strong sense of “Quality First”, which was very impressive and motivated them to promote the sound growth of public healthcare with a higher sense of social responsibility. 



Pic1: MS. Xiaojie Shen, Deputy Director of CZFDA made her opening Speech



Pic 2:  All trainees visited the Trauson Exhibition Hall



Pic3:  All trainees visited the plant



Pic 4:  Group photo of all 2016 CZFDA Trainees